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Breaking Ground

Pam Cole, Editor
Nov. 8, 2005, 10:25 a.m.

Is it just me or is it impossible to go anywhere in this city without running into people in the film/video business? Saturday, I was at a neighborhood groundbreaking ceremony, shooting a little video for my neighborhood website. I live in the great neighborhood of LaVista Park and occasionally help out with such things. Imagine my surprise to be squeezed in between two news videographers (me and my little PD-150), who turned out to be the nicest guys in the world. When my much-used mini-DV tape jammed right at the start of the ceremony, Clinton Jones, to my left and shooting for the mayor's office, quickly whipped out a spare DVCAM tape from his bag and offered it to me. Just thinking about it still brings tears to my eyes. Such kindness deserves mention. That's Clinton Jones of Magic Eye Productions in Atlanta, GA.

After the ceremony, which the Mayor ditched for some reason, something to do with an upcoming election, the cute guy to my right from channel 46 interviewed me. If you didn't blink during the evening news on Saturday, you might have seen me, standing behind my PD-150 and touting my neighborhood.

The weather has been impossibly warm and beautiful in Atlanta, a fact of which, producers now forced from Canada by winter, should take note. Hollywood can't touch the weather we've been having in Atlanta for the last month. I'm certain that the production crews of The Last Adam and The Gym, both shooting locally, would testify to that.

I'm busy putting together the next edition of Southern Screen Report with my band of worthy volunteers. It's going to have some really nice surprises. I'm disappointed by the lack of advertising support, but hopefully that will change. After all, I'm still breaking ground with my little newsletter. Georgia filmmakers just aren't used to having more than one print advertising resource.

They'll get used to it.


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