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Happy Holidays

Dec. 19, 2005, 1:37 p.m.

Pam Cole, Editor

Number three coming up! Southern Screen Report is generating lots of interest and excitement in the community! One day this week, I had over 60 e-mails from folks who were enjoying the publication or wanted more information. I also had a lovely e-mail from Gersh Morningstar, publisher of The Blue Sheet in Florida. This publication should by all rights be our competition, but Gersh has been so helpful and complimentary, I couldn't possibly consider us rivals! My crack staff (Carletta Hurt, Tracy Martin, and Melissa Randle) is so encouraged by ad sales and general interest that they are already planning our anniversary issue!

We are pleased with the sales response to our 5% donation offer to IMAGE. We hope such donations will become a regular part of our commitment to supporting the local film industry. We believe that anything we can do to support local filmmaking, also supports Southern Screen Report.

Biggest thrill of the week: I interviewed the iconic Stewart Harnell, CEO of Cinema Concepts recently. While we were in his office, in walked George LeFont of LeFont Theaters. Turns out the two have been best friends for many years. You may not think it was such a big deal, but I was gaga standing in the room with these two Atlanta film legends. Watch for the coming story in the January edition. See picture: Harnell (left) and LeFont.

Our website continues to generate interest. I'm happy to say that our most viewed website page is the Production Listing page. The next most viewed page is the Classifieds page. Our website hits soared from about 4,000 in November to over 17,000 as of this writing in December. And so, we will continue to expand our website coverage.

Oh yes, and it's Christmas! Happy Holidays to everyone! Keep making those films and sending those e-mails!



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