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Cinema Concepts Wins Telly Award

Atlanta, GA (July 11, 2007) —Design and production studio Cinema Concepts landed a Telly Award for its creation of a new movie trailer for Dallas-based Rave Motion Pictures at the 28th Annual Telly Awards.

This exciting new look for RAVE reinforces the theatre circuit’s vibrant style and engaging architecture and is shown as an intro before feature films at each of Rave Motion Pictures 427 theatre auditoriums. Driven by a contemporary soundtrack, combined with a dynamic mixture of live action, 3D animation and 2D compositing techniques, the trailer brings to life RAVE’s attitude and excitement surrounding its movie theatres and the motion picture industry.

Cinema Concepts worked closely with Rave VP of Marketing, Jeremy Devine, to craft an impressive statement to promote the comfort, style and forward thinking behind the RAVE brand. “We wanted to convey on our screens the message of vitality and fun that permeates everything we do,” said Devine. “The new trailer enhances our overall message that going to the movies is unique and entertaining.” Cinema Concepts took its cue from the colors and design of the RAVE buildings as well as the prominent “R” icon in their logo to create the ‘Refresh, Relax and Revolutionize’ message.

Cinema Concepts developed a number of initial concepts as well as directed the HD live action shoot, executed the post-production and final composite of the HD master in their Atlanta studio. “This was a project that reflects all the exciting new aspects of the industry, both from a production and marketing point of view,” stated Stewart Harnell, CEO of Cinema Concepts. “We are fortunate to work with clients who embrace the future by allowing us to take this genre to a whole new level.” The innovation continued with the project being delivered for digital projection, which included a trip through Cinema Concepts’ JPEG 2000 / DCP Wrapping Suite.

Cinema Concepts provides creative and production solutions for theatrical, advertising, broadcast and entertainment clients around the globe. Founded in 1977, the Atlanta-based studio is led by artists and supported by one of the most technologically advanced digital production studios in the industry. Award-winning creative services, supported by powerful post-production tools and unique digital film capabilities, keep Cinema Concepts involved with a wide range of both innovative and influential projects. For more information, see

The Telly Award is a premier award honoring outstanding national, local, and regional, cable TV commercials and programs, as well as the finest in video and film production. for more information, see