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A Casual Conversation
with "Somebodies" creator Hadjii

By Melissa Randle

I caught up with writer/director/actor Hadjii following the screening of his feature film, Somebodies, during the 31st annual Atlanta Film Festival. Our impromptu interview went something like this:

So I heard a rumor that your film is being turned into a TV pilot for BET?

 Hadjii: Yea, the rumors are true.

Wow, that's amazing, but I also heard it's shooting right here in the place it originated, just outside of Atlanta, in Athens, GA. Is that correct?

 Hadjii: Yeah, it's pretty cool, we get to do it right here.

Now I also heard that some of the main actors will get to reprise their characters in the television version.

 Hadjii: Yup, that's true as well.

Just seconds later, I caught up with Kaira Whitehead, Somebodies lead actress (and Hajii's real life love interest) exiting the theater, and congratulated her on their overall success. (We recently worked together on a short film last fall.) She beamed with enthusiasm as she reiterated the general details of their upcoming project and we discussed the significance of their success for Atlanta's production community.

Here's a small indie film that found modest success with acceptance into Sundance 2006, that's still being touted by nationally renown film critic Roger Ebert at his "Overlooked Film Festival" two years later. It's been picked up by BET Network, a cable network for television. And, it's going to be filmed locally with the original cast.

Write this one up as another major score in 2007 for Atlanta-based talent and evidence to the world that we are a community of talented "somebodies."