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Dance of the Dead Gets Lionsgate Distribution

Film Shot in Rome, Georgia by Local Filmmakers

May 16, 2008 (Beverly Hills, CA) - Ghost House Underground has acquired Dance of the Dead, directed by Gregg Bishop, which made its international debut at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin earlier this year. Written by Joe Ballarini and produced by Bishop and Ehud Bleiberg through Bleiberg Entertainment’s Compound B label, the film is to be distributed by Lionsgate in North America this fall as part of Ghost House Underground’s inaugural October Horror slate.

Dance of the Dead is the hilarious, blood-drenched adventure of several high school students from different social cliques banding together to save their town from the living dead. Reviews have compared the film to the works of both John Carpenter and John Hughes.

"Between Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert at Ghost House, the experience of Barry & Stan at Grindstone, and Lionsgate, who is the king of genre marketing and distribution... Dance of the Dead has found the perfect home,” said Bishop. “I am thrilled to be working with them both and I know they will do a fantastic job bringing the movie to audiences everywhere."

Originally from Georgia, Bishop assembled a crew made up of veterans from his first feature film THE OTHER SIDE, like co-producer Stephen Caudill and stunt coordinator Nils Onsager, and a talented group of USC alumni.

“I figured the only way to get better at what I do is to surround myself with the best,” says Bishop. “That was the main reason I went to USC filmschool. These people really challenge me and I feel we pull out the best in one another.”

The team moved into the small town of Rome, Georgia for an intense five week production period that was to be like no other.

“I like to shoot movies in my home state because you can get ‘more bang for your buck’ than shooting in LA.” says Bishop. “Most locations in Georgia are unique and have never before been captured on film… and Rome, GA oddly had every location we were looking for in town. It was as if the film was written to take place there. So we set up camp in an abandoned high-school so that the town became our backlot and the townfolk became our extras.”

Fresh off the plane from Hollywood, Ballarini found the injection southern hospitality inspiring, “From the Superintendent to the Undertaker, the entire town came out to lend a hand in one way or another. We were on the front page of the newspaper every other day, which was always hilarious. Kinda made us feel like rockstars.”

The film will have its market premiere screening in Cannes.

Ghost House Underground is the new partnership between Ghost House Pictures and Grindstone Entertainment Group dedicated to acquiring quality horror pictures from up-and-coming filmmakers with original voices from around the world. The new film acquisitions company teams Grindstone with the successful horror genre company led by filmmaker Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, the Spider-Man franchise), Rob Tapert (30 Days of Night, The Grudge films), and Mandate Pictures' president Nathan Kahane.

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