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Foreign Exchange: First Atlanta Film Shot with RED Camera

Creative Studios Wraps Comedy Short

Feb. 10, 2008 (ATLANTA)—A group of Atlanta filmmakers led by Ken Feinberg and Aron Siegel produced FOREIGN EXCHANGE, a 30-minute comedy about a foreign exchange student from Sweden who comes to live with an American family. Directed by Feinberg and produced by Siegel, the crew used one of the first RED ONE digital cameras in the world, the latest in cutting-edge film technology. The film was shot in only four days.

The RED camera shoots Super 35mm motion picture photography, but records it digitally directly to a hard drive instead of using film or tape. Basically, the line items for film stock and processing are reduced to zero. The camera used on this production was one of the first 50 in the world. The RED camera was provided by Joe Kleber of Red Acquisition Warehouse, who has teamed on previous projects with FOREIGN EXCHANGE Director or Photography, Jim McKinney.

"The last project we did together was shot on film, but in this case it would have been cost prohibitive," explained Feinberg. "This new technology allowed us to stay on budget and we were also able to review our footage immediately on set."

The RED camera uses a Mysterium sensor that records the image on a Super 35mm chip in 4K resolution. It comes with a PL mount giving it the ability to attach to many film lenses.

"The advantage in using this type of camera is that it takes the pressure off of the producer, director and actors," said DP McKinney. "For a low budget film like ours, we were able to shoot as many takes as we felt necessary without worrying about how much film stock we were using, yet we achieved film quality images. The biggest concern we had was getting all of our shots within the four days allotted."

During pre-production, the filmmakers heard more than once that shooting 30 pages in four days was ambitious but not realistic. However, the Creative Studios team kept FOREIGN EXCHANGE to its 12-hour day schedule.

"I don't have all the statistics, but on the last day we had 38 camera set-ups and 111 takes for the 11 scenes we shot," said First Assistant Director Evans "Griff" Griffins.

The film stars Atlanta actors London Kayne, Susanna Lewis, Josh Caudill, Jeff Rose, Angie Harrell, Chandler George Brown, Amanda Facemire, Todd Denson, Tommy Dorfman, and Minnie Tee. The final production will be submitted to the May 2008 Cannes Film Festival in France.

The original script was written by 18-year-old Lyndzey Kayne and Feinberg.

"Writing with a teenager was a unique and rewarding experience," said Feinberg. "There were times when I had to refer to Lyndzey and ask, 'is this how teenagers talk these days?'"

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