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Network by Candle Light Event

An evening with local Atlanta industry professionals
yields charitable results

by Melissa Randle

Recently some of the city's finest in film and entertainment gathered at Hotel Indigo to attend the 3rd annual "Network By Candle Light" event, hosted by founders Shedrick Garrett, Shawn Trotman, and Gary McCoy. The event drew writers, directors (like Yolanda Zellous), producers (Roger Bobb) and actors (such as Afemo Omilami and Taurean Blacque), and included live performances by Sol Factor and American Idol finalist/Actress Kinnik Sky.

In addition to facilitating a forum for positive networking, the event sponsored "Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry & Homeless" program by providing an onsite food drive to assist with upcoming holiday meals, along with collecting over $500 in donations during that night and the purchase of additional specially requested food items.