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Fox Theater Goes Digital

By Pamela Cole

ATLANTA, GA (July 1, 2006)—Atlanta's 76-year-old Fox Theater has joined the wave of the future—the digital video future anyway. Anticipating the eventual shift to films being created and distributed digitally, the Fox recently installed a new $130,000 digital projection system (just in time for it's coca Cola Summer Film Festival).

"The Fox Theater has always wanted in everything that it's done to be at the top of the game, and we want to look ahead to the future," said Fox general manger Edgar Neiss. "This is an important technical dimension that elevates the theater one more time, with respect to the movie experience - which, given our history as a movie palace, we take seriously."

The Fox joins an elite handful of theaters in Georgia who have made the move to digital projection. While most films are still released on 35 mm film reels, digital editions are crisper, more colorful, and offer higher resolution viewing. And with digital editions, you won't be seeing those annoying scratches and dust spots that mar a film after a few screenings. Digital films are available by satellite through a download distribution system instead of the typical shipping of actual film reels. This eliminates any problems with delayed deliveries and shipping charges.

A digital edition of The Da Vinci Code will screen Aug. 17, 2006 at the Fox as part of the Coca Cola Summer Film Festival. That might improve this film considerably. (See our review of The Da Vinci Code.)