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Interactive TV to be used to unite displaced New Orleanians

Community Congress II invites all
displaced New Orleanians to participate

Saturday, December 2, 2006
10am - 4pm
Georgia International Convention Center
College Park, GA

On December 2, a group call the Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP) will bring thousands of New Orleanians together using interactive multimedia technology to discuss plans to rebuild New Orleans.

A daylong public meeting, called Community Congress II, will be held in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Dallas, and Houston to connect people who have returned to New Orleans with people who are still displaced. Citizens will participate in intimate small-group, facilitated discussions. The latest technology will help identify citywide priorities and ensure that all ideas are recorded and heard. Each participant will have a polling keypad to cast votes throughout the day and every table will use a computer to submit their ideas.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the diversity of New Orleans is there – black and white, homeowners and renters, those just starting neighborhood planning and those further along.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Transportation, childcare and translation will also be available.

The recovery and rebuilding of New Orleans depends on a unified plan for our city.

• We need to combine recovery plans for all neighborhoods into one citywide recovery plan
• We need to ensure that the voices of dispersed citizens are brought to the table to identify
the recovery projects they need in order to come home
• We need to complete a citywide plan so that additional recovery dollars can be spent more
strategically to rebuild our city

The unified plan will be completed by January and will be submitted to the Mayor, the City Council, and the City Planning Commission. Once approved by City officials, the plan will be
provided to the Louisiana Recovery Authority.

The Unified New Orleans Plan process was established by the Mayor, the City Council, and the City Planning Commission. It is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Greater New Orleans
Foundation, and the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

For more information about the Unified New Orleans Plan, call toll-free to 877-527-3284 or go to