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South Carolina Increases Motion Picture Rebates

Productions can now receive a cash rebate of up to 30% of supplier costs and up to 20% of wages if at least $1 million is spent in South Carolina. Effective July 1, this increased incentive package places South Carolina among the country's leading incentive states.

The South Carolina rebate differs from other states' incentives because it is a cash rebate, paid to the production company within 30 days of final audit. Other states offer tax credits or tax refunds, which require brokers, independent audits, and long waiting periods. Also, South Carolina is the only state that reserves the estimated rebate funds for a production.

The 30% supplier rebate applies to all goods and services acquired by the production company from a South Carolina supplier and on certain out-of-state expenses such as camera rental, film stock, and special equipment not found in SC. The 20% wage rebate applies to any employee of the production who is subject to South Carolina withholding tax and earns less than $1 million.

In addition, all productions spending more than $250,000 in South Carolina are exempt from sales and accommodations taxes and are eligible to shoot fee-free on state property.

For more details, visit or call the South Carolina Film Commission at 1-866-224-0792.