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Top Ten 48-Hour Films to Screen at Atlanta Film Festival

The following films were selected by a viewing audience as the top ten films entered in the Atlanta 48-hour Film Project.

Group A:

1. The Other Side of the Glass/Light Hog
2. Big Palm/ Team for a Good Time


3. Of Milk and Madness/Team Offenburger
AND Love Me Tender/Emu Entertainment

Group B:

1. Palm Job/Eureka!
2. Rapture/Illustrated Films
3. Eighty-Eighty Keys/Chiaroscuro

Group C:

1. Premonition/Digital Soul
2. Overblown/Cougars


3 .Give Us This Day/Spear It Tribal
AND Family Circus/Black Knight Stunts

Group D:

1. Standing :Room Only/Theater 7
2. The Trainees/ Transition Films
3. Hands Down/Grey Dog Films

All of the films listed will go on to be a part of the Best of the Festival screening to take place on June 17th at noon in the Georgia State University Speaker's Auditorium (in the Student Center) as part of the 30th Atlanta Film Festival.

This is also the order of the screening. These films will now go on for judging.

The judges are:

  • Alyce Emory, film producer and festival curator working in Atlanta and New York
  • Monty Ross, producer at 40 Acres and a Mule
  • Jim Czarnecki, documentary and feature film producer
  • Jeffrey Cooper, feature film editor
  • Doug Ing, filmmaker and instructor
  • Lousie Fleming, filmmaker, film programmer

At the screening we will be announcing awards. Tickets are $5 for IMAGE members/seniors/students and $7 for adults. Tickets are already on sell and can be purchased online at