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WaveGuide Studios Win Davey

March 6, 2006, Atlanta, GA—The Davey Awards honored WaveGuide Studios for “Melissa’s Story,” produced for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The 18-minute video, commissioned by Children’s Nurse-Physician Task Force, explores potentially problematic communication issues between physicians and nurses, acting as a springboard for discussion and training sessions. WaveGuide Studios was called upon to produce a video that showed actual nurses and physicians role-playing effective and ineffective communication scenarios.

Instead of an isolated series of vignettes, the video was developed as a pair of “day in the life” dramas that follow the experiences of Melissa Davis, a nine-year-old appendectomy patient. In the first version, the audience sees the results of poor communication between nurses and physicians. After a discussion session, the participants see the same day repeated with effective communication methods.

“We wanted to deliver something that felt both compelling and realistic,” said director Marshall Peterson. “Because there are a number of complex issues involved and because we had to show the same day in the hospital done both ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, we knew the final edit would be rather long -- close to 20 minutes. If we took the usual training/role play approach, we’d put the audience to sleep and they wouldn’t feel any sense of involvement. Instead, we created a TV drama, with all the pressures and issues that physicians and nurses face distilled into a single high-intensity day.”

Shot film-style in 24p Vericam HD, the finished project was highly successful, showing measurable results in quality of care and improved employee spirit. Other hospitals across the country have expressed interest in using the DVD as part of their communication training programs. “For us, that’s the real award,” according to Peterson. “When our work delights our clients and effectively does the job it was designed to do, that’s a home run.”

Since 1982, WaveGuide Studios has been a leader in strategic, creative, production and post services in all media. The annual Davey Awards honor the achievements of small firms that derive their strength from big ideas, rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards are the leading awards competition specifically for smaller firms, where firms compete with their peers to win the recognition they deserve.