IMAGE Film & Video Center Fall 2005 Workshops

Each year, IMAGE Film & Video offers more than forty-five workshops on various aspects of filmmaking, screenwriting, film and video editing, acting, financing and more.  Workshops are taught by local media professionals and out-of-town guest instructors.  Below is our Fall 2005 Workshop Calendar.  Unless otherwise noted, all workshops will be held at IMAGE Film & Video Center, 535 Means Street, NW, Suite C, Atlanta 30318.  Call 404-352-4225 x12 to register Seating is limited, so enroll today!  Instructor biographies are available at


Instructor:  Steve Coulter
This class gives the experienced as well as the aspiring actor the opportunity to work in front of the camera on a regular basis.  During each class, actors will work on-camera and will concentrate on the practical techniques of film acting, releasing emotion, analyzing text, and characterization.  The workshop will focus on the technical aspects of filmmaking that can affect the actor’s performance, such as hitting marks, continuity, sound levels, and the transition from stage to film acting. The class also focuses heavily on learning to relax and enjoying acting with the camera. Sessions meet every other week.  Space is limited and there is a waiting list.  Call (678) 469-5882 for registration information.  $150 members, $190 general public.


Instructor:  Eddy Von Mueller
In the second part of our feature screenplay series, students will work on finishing and polishing a first draft of a feature screenplay. Topics include advanced scene construction, troubleshooting, climaxes and endings, taming rebellious characters, and creating rhythm, flow, and tone.  For would-be writer/directors this workshop will also discuss how to turn a screenplay into a shooting script. Prerequisite: Screenplay 101.
Wednesdays, October 19-November 16, 2005. 7pm-10pm, five sessions. $175 members, $210 general public. Registration deadline: October 14.   Limited to 12 students.
Register for Screenwriting 101, 102, and 103 at the same time and receive a 10% discount!


Instructor:  Brit Warner
Interested in learning the post-production audio process and how it relates to the overall success of your finished film? Using Pro Tools systems as your method for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering your finished product, find out how to confidently approach audio from a creative standpoint and successfully improve upon your final film results.  Overview includes a basic introduction to bit rates, sample rates, and timecode, as well as the basic fundamentals of Pro Tools, including importing, recording, editing, and mixing tips; understanding waveform editing; tips on plugins; file management with sound effects, music, and voice; utilizing sound effects libraries; the internet and audio…and the answer to the most universal sound question: Why is my audio not in sync?”
Saturday, October 29, 2005.  10am to 5pm.  $90 members, $115 general public.  Registration deadline:  October 26.  Limited to 12 students. 


Instructor: Senain Kheshgi
Before you throw your first investor party or hire your crew, learn first-hand success stories from a documentary project that peered into the classrooms of five novice Los Angeles public school teachers and ended up winning the George F. Foster Peabody Award for excellence in Journalism and airing on PBS.  Using her 2001 project THE FIRST YEAR to guide her examples, co-producer Kheshgi will address every step of the documentary process, including trusting your instincts and “owning” your story idea; getting permission in order to tell the best story; cultivating relationships with investors, subjects, and crew; maintaining story while captivating the audience; and film completion, selling, and distribution. Come to class with an idea and leave with your main thesis to get you started!
Saturday, November 5, 2005, 10am to 6pm.  $135 general public (IMAGE members and Emory students receive a 15% discount!).  Registration deadline: November 2.  To register, please call (404) 727-6000 or register online at .  Registrations can be faxed to (404) 727-6001.  This class is co-sponsored by Evening at Emory, and will be held on the Emory campus.  Class size 100.


Instructor:  Linda Burns
Can’t find anyone to breakdown and schedule your film or don’t have the money to pay someone?  As an independent producer, assistant director or writer/director, you can’t afford not to know how to do this yourself, since there is no better way to become intimate with the details in your script, or notice inconsistencies and continuity errors.  This simple process is invaluable to the future of your production career in the film business because it allows you to properly budget your film, understand the nuances of scheduling a shoot, and helps you to determine the realistic needs of your project well in advance of production. This class will be very hands on, detail-oriented and taught in two parts:  Part 1 is breaking down your script by hand, scene-by-scene. Each class member must bring a screenplay (short or feature length), numerous sharp pencils, scissors or a box cutter, a piece of white poster board and a 12” ruler to begin the process. For the following week, you will each be sent home with homework to be completed by the next class.  Part 2 will focus on checking your work, answering the numerous questions the process brings up, then learning how to schedule your film.  Learn one of the most valuable skills in the film industry from an instructor with 13 years of independent and commercial experience in the film business.
Saturday, November 5, 2005 and Saturday, November 19, 2005 from 10am to 2pm.  $125 members, $150 general public.  Registration deadline:  November 2.  Limited to 12 students.


Instructor:  Jim Kanter
Editing is considered the craft that distinguishes filmmaking as a unique medium.  This course will examine the development of editing and film language over the years, including the major theories of "montage" and a discussion of editing terms.  The bulk of the class will expose how filmmakers engage audiences. Through discussion and shot by shot/frame by frame analysis of sequences from many different types of films, you will discover a wide range of tricks and techniques.  This class is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of how films work.
Saturday and Sunday, November 12-13, 2005. 10am-6pm, both days.  $150 members, $185 general public.  Registration deadline: November 9.  Limited to 12 students.  This class will be held at the Digital Film Institute, 1880 West Oak Parkway, Suite 104, Marietta ( ).


Instructor:  Eddy Von Mueller
This workshop will help you take your screenplays to the next level.  As a group, we will read scenes from one another’s scripts and get that first-draft finished and ready for sale!  Many pros agree that a writer's greatest asset is an open forum of willing colleagues that can enhance dialogue and motivation, fine-tune structure, and explore various trouble-shooting techniques. Polish up your screenplay and feel confident about your final draft!
Wednesdays, November 30-January 4, 2005 (no class on December 28th for holiday break), five sessions.  7pm-10pm.  $175 members, $210 general public.  Registration deadline:  November 25.  Limited to 10 students.  Prerequisite: Developing The Screenplay or permission of Education Coordinator.  Register for Screenwriting 101, 102, and 103 at the same time and receive a 10% discount!

BUILD IT (RIGHT) AND THEY WILL COME:  How to Plan and Market a Web Site to Reach a Targeted Audience

Instructor:  Lynn Lamousin
An effective online presence is comprised of more than cool graphics.  Whether you plan to build it yourself or want to hire a designer, learning how to properly structure, execute, and market a Web site is key to its success. In this class, students will look at effective entertainment industry sites and discuss what works and what doesn’t.  Walk away from this class with information on securing domain names, hosting, link exchanges, search engine registration and placement, online advertising, e-mail campaigns, and the costs you can expect to pay to get your site up and running. Each student's needs will be addressed, so bring your questions and samples of sites in-progress.
Saturday, December 3, 2005.  1pm to 5pm.  $75 members, $90 general public.  Registration deadline:  November 30.  Limited to 12 students.


Instructor:  Allen Facemire
How can you get that national “network magazine” look with a talking head, a white brick wall, and the basic tricks of the trade?  Allen Facemire, veteran of film and television, will show you how he gets results for clients like 20/20, DATELINE, DISCOVERY MAGAZINE, THE TODAY SHOW, and other clients who demand a superior look under all kinds of conditions…and fast.  Learn how to utilize readily available tools and a small crew to achieve a national look and a distinctive style.  Topics include filtration that loses that ugly “video edge”; using depth of field to create a great background from nothing; shot composition and framing; how to light someone with glasses; camera placement that works for you, not against you; and dressing and prepping an interview backdrop for a unique look.  Students will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with DV cameras currently popular in the industry, including Panasonic’s DVX100a 24p camera, along with monitors and several lighting and grip packages. Not only will you walk away knowing how to stage a professional broadcast “talking head” interview, but also how to execute production techniques that are timeless and applicable to both film and video. Students will also learn how to optimize the average DV camera for better performance. Students who own their own DV cameras are encouraged to bring them to class so Allen can demystify some of the control functions.
Saturday, December 3, 2005.  10am-6pm.  $125 members, $150 general public.  Registration deadline:  November 30.  Limited to 12 students.  This class will be held at Artisan PictureWorks, 800 Forrest Street, NW, Atlanta ( ). Register for Network Magazine Lighting and Grip & Lighting Weekend at the same time and receive a 10% discount!