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Festival Review
30th Atlanta Film Festival

June 9-17, 2006

By Pamela Cole

The 30th Atlanta Film Festival (AFF) is over. Shame on you if you didn't get to at least one of the over 160 screenings, panels, and events during this nine-day celebration of independent film. This year's festival sold a record 27,000 tickets, surpassing last year's attendance of 26,000. The festival opened with a Gala fund-raising event on June 7, attended by real live movie stars like Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee, and others.

"The AFF was a stunning accomplishment when the limitations of staff and time are taken into account, " said festival director Jake Jacobson, who came to the position in January 2006. " A handful of hard-working IMAGE employees put together a 160-film, nine-day festival in five months, received great responses from attendees, and pulled in a record box office."

Jacobson says he looks forward to having "the blessing of more time" to plan the 31st Atlanta Film Festival, which will include "new venues, a festival date earlier in the year, a more expansive program, greater marketing, and more of an international focus."

As a reporter, I attended several screenings and events, and even volunteered to maximize my festival experience this year. I find it's always more fun to volunteer with an event of this magnitude, and see it from the inside out. I also had spies all over the festival who gave me feedback for this article.

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