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About Us

About Us

Southern Screen Report is an industry webmagazine for the southern film and video community, launched on Sept. 19, 2005.


NOTE: We are no longer actively publishing Southern Screen Report. All pages are retained here for archival purposes only.


Editorial Policy: Southern Screen Report covers news, reviews, and production listings of the film and video industry in the Southeastern United States. The views represented on this website by contributing writers do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher.



"The Southern Screen Report is one of the most industry informative magazines around in Atlanta. It is easy to read and gives all the important info…fast! It is an invaluable tool for anyone that wants to get in, learn about, and be a part of the film industry in Georgia."

-- Sylvia Jackson, Producer/Director, Film Captive Productions

"Southern Screen Report is a great one-stop resource for Atlanta filmmakers to keep up with the flow. It's a wonderful potpourri of what's shooting, what's showing, who's doing what, and even a movie review or two to round it out. SSR has all the bases covered!"

--Milford Thomas, Writer/Director, Claire, Uncloudy Day

"Southern Screen Report and Pamela Cole are an indisputable resource for the Southeastern filmmaking community. Any great film or art community has a great publication that helps bring creators together and showcase their talents. The Southern Screen Report is that publication for the Southeast."
--Chad Eikhoff, Executive Producer, Wonder Studios, LLC

"SSR is exactly what we need in this community. The presentation is stunning and the content is informative and timely. Please keep it coming."
--Dr. Kay Beck, Georgia Film, Video & Music Advisory Commission Member, Director of Digital Arts Entertainment Lab (DAEL) at Georgia State University

"SSR is a great resource for the Southern film community, and those that want to learn more about it. I read it to keep in touch with Atlanta filmmakers and find it to be the best written web-resource on the local film scene. Kudos on a great web-zine."
-- Brian Newman, Executive Director, National video Resources

"Southern Screen Report has been and continues to be a valuable asset to the Georgia film and video industry. Not only are the articles and reviews interesting, insightful and well-written, they promote some of the most talented filmmakers and creative artists in the SE and help to keep Georgia positioned as the entertainment hub that it is. We were happy to help distribute copies of Southern Screen Report when I was director of the Georgia Film, Video & Music Office. I wish the publication much continued success!"
--Greg Torre, Division Director, Global Commerce, Georgia Department of Economic Development

"The Southern Screen Report is an invaluable resource for the Atlanta Film Community. The design is inviting and the articles are extremely informative. It's become the Variety of the southeast."
--Shandra McDonald, Producer/Writer, The Last Adam

"I'm so proud of Pam and her team of volunteers who've diligently put out the Southern Screen Report over the last year. It's a great publication, very thorough and professional. Keep up the good work you guys!"
-- Nancy B. Howard, Visionary Marketing Group, Georgia Big Picture Conference (GABPC)

Editor Pam Cole's Southern Screen Report takes on the challenge and responsibility of connecting our film community by giving us up-to-date news and views that support and promote filmmaking in the Southeast. Southern Screen Report commits to the independent filmmaker, and by doing so, gives us a rich record by which to mark our efforts to make a difference. Congratulations to Pam Cole and Southern Screen Report on your first anniversary!
--Kristen McGary, Cine Vita Productions